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Dissolution of Marriage

The impact of divorce can have a profound impact the well-being and long-term development of a child by affecting the child’s emotional state, behavior, schoolwork and other aspects of the child’s life.

In 2009, there were 3,358 dissolutions of marriage (divorce or annulment) in Pinellas County with 38% of dissolutions affecting families with minor children. Dissolutions involving families with minor children decreased 4.2% from 2008 to the lowest level in the last ten years and affected slightly more than 2,000 minor children, approximately 1.2% of the under 18 population.

  • Based on the Census Bureau’s American Community survey for 2006-08, Pinellas County recorded 26 dissolutions of marriage per 1000 marriages for families with minor children.

Number of Minor Children Affected

62% of dissolutions involved families with no children. For families with minor children, 33% of dissolutions involved one child, 46% affected two children and 21% involved three or more children.

Pie Chart - Dissolutions of Marriage


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