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School Success

“Children not successful in school” refers to those children that have not been successful in reaching educational goals.  Evidence suggests that children who are not successful in school are at greater risk of experiencing many negative outcomes throughout their lifetime. Several measurements have been utilized in this section to determine “success,” including:

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2010 FCAT Scores: http://fcat.fldoe.org/mediapacket/2010/default.asp

The High Cost of High School Dropouts

Almost one million students who start ninth grade each year will not earn a diploma four years later.  That’s one of every four students.  For African American and Latino students, it’s closer to one in three.

Graduation Matters:  Improving Accountability for High School Graduation http://www2.edtrust.org/NR/rdonlyres/5AEDABBC-79B7-47E5-9C66-7403BF76C3E2/0/GradMatters.pdf (Source:  The Education Trust)

2006 NAACP School Discipline Report for Florida http://www.naacpldf.org/content/pdf/pipeline/arresting_development_full_report.pdf

Promising Practices: http://www.promisingpractices.net/research_succeeding.asp

Expulsion Rates in Preschool: http://ziglercenter.yale.edu/resources/docs/National%20Prek%20Study_expulsion%20brief.pdf

Examining Late High School Graduates