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Infant Mortality

Infant mortality refers to the death of an infant before they reach their first birthday.  A number of factors impact infant mortality including the health of the mother, social and economic conditions and the availability, and use, of health care options. Infant mortality rates are volatile, primarily reflecting the relatively small number of infant deaths compared to the total number of live births

  • In 2008, Pinellas’ infant mortality rate increased to 9.3 deaths/1000 live births, the highest rate during the last ten years.
  • During 2006-08, the infant mortality rate averaged 8.4 deaths per 1000 live births with the rate for blacks substantially above that of whites - in 2008, the infant mortality rate for blacks was almost triple that of whites.

Infant Mortality Rate per 1000 Live Births by Race

During 2006-08, Pinellas’ infant mortality rate was significantly above the state average. A comparison of Pinellas’ infant mortality rate to the state and similarly sized Florida counties is shown below.

Infant Mortality Rate - County Comparison

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